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Library Resources & Policies


The Library & Learning Resource Center in Lake Charles has 60 computers with

  • internet connection,
  • Microsoft Office suite, and
  • webcams & headphones (available upon request).

Free Printing

Free printing is available in the library with the following rules:

  1. Print front and back - unless your instructor says the assignment can only be printed on one side.
  2. Print at least 2 PowerPoint slides per page - 2 on the front and 2 on the back.
  3. Printing entire e-books is not allowed.
  4. Always set the print settings to print in black & white - the library does not have color printing.
  5. Use the Xerox copy machine in the library's copy room to print documents or copies that will use more than 20 pages.

Computer Use Policies

For more information on the use of the computers in the SOWELA Library see the "Standards of Conduct for Use of SOWELA Computers" (PDF) in the SOWELA College Catalog (page 117) and the "Acceptable Use Policy" (PDF) which governs the use of SOWELA computer accounts, email services, and the SOWELA network.

Study Rooms and Conference Room

Study rooms are first-come, first-serve.

The conference room can be used by reservation only. If students would like to use a white board, speak with library staff about using the conference room.

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