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Dr. Nabours - American History Courses

Background Research

You might need to do some quick background research before diving into your topic. This will be short articles that provide you with an overview of your topic. Use these resources to help you get started.


Use these databases to find historical newspaper articles.

What is Peer Review?

You will need to use academic books or articles for your research. These sources are also called scholarly or peer reviewed. This is research that has been reviewed by other scholars to ensure that they are accurate, thorough, and valuable.

Watch the video below to understand the process of peer review, and learn how to find peer reviewed articles in the library databases.

Finding Peer Reviewed/Academic Resources

You can find academic/peer reviewed research in the library catalog or in the database below.

To access library databases, you will need to log in with your L-number. Your pin is the six digits of your birthday – MMDDYY. For example, if your birthday is July 29, 2003, your pin would be 072903.