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Nursing Fundamentals - NURS 1100

Searching the Databases

Medical databases have hundreds of specialized topics, and thousands of articles on any given topic. Use the different below search strategies to to find the best research for your assignments.



Only use the most relevant keywords to search the database based on your research question. Also search for synonyms of your keywords.


Research Question:   What are the effects of stress on preterm births?

Keywords:                  stress, preterm

Synonyms:                 anxiety, premature, labor, delivery

MeSH Terms

Many medical databases group their articles under different topics called medical subject headings (MeSH). You can use these MeSH terms to focus your search on the exact topics you need. The databases will also help you discover the MeSH term you need to use.

Advantages: Use the database’s vocabulary for more accurate search results.

Disadvantage: Subject headings are not available for all topics, such as specific cases or newer conditions and treatments.

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