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Online Privacy

Your Privacy is At Risk

When you're online, your privacy is at risk or even being attacked every single day.

A variety of different people, organizations, and groups are attempting to learn as much as they can about you without your knowledge and without your consent. Their motivations may be different.

Whatever their reasons, it is important for you to protect your privacy whenever you're online.

Why Privacy Matters

Your privacy is important. Privacy allows you to control and manage your reputation, which can affect your personal and professional life. In addition to this, your privacy lets you manage your social boundaries and decide for yourself who you want to be close with and how.

Privacy is also important for intellectual freedom by allowing you to study topics that might be considered taboo without the restrictions or peer pressure. Privacy is also important for political freedom and freedom of speech. Privacy let's you express yourself fully, freely, and anonymously without being pressured to only say what others around you decide are acceptable. Similarly, voting privacy is protected to allow us the right to support political initiatives that are important to us and avoid unfair and undemocratic social pressures.

Learn more about what privacy is important below.