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Online Privacy

5 Tips for Digital Privacy on Your Phone

Your phone is used to collect a lot of data about you. Your phone can be used to track your web browsing, your movements and travel, and your communications with friends, family, and colleagues.

Follow these steps to protect your privacy and your data on your phone.

1. Uninstall or deactivate any apps you don't use. Some apps can collect any of the following data from your phone:

  • Precise user location
  • Access to user’s contacts
  • Send SMS messages
  • Permission to directly call phone numbers
  • Permission to reroute outgoing calls
  • Access to camera
  • Record audio via microphone
  • Read phone status and identity

2. Avoid "checking-in" your location or disable to the geotagging features on your account. By tracking your travel habits and where you go, advertisers and others can learn a lot about you.

3. Install and use privacy-friendly web browsers.

  • DuckDuckGo
  • Tor
  • Firefox

4. Use the Signal app to send and receive text messages. Signal provides end-to-end encryption for text messages, but only works if both the sender and receiver have installed and are using this app.

5. Install and use a VPN on your phone.