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English Composition II - ENGL 1020 - Dr. Whelan

Helpful Databases

Use the databases below to find resources that discuss stereotypes in the news, popular media, and scholarship.

Search Tips

  1. Combine the word "stereotype" with the social group that you chose when you search the databases.
  2. When you read, pay attention to the terms that the authors use. Try another search with those terms and ideas.
  3. Search each stereotypes individually.
  4. Don't just search for the stereotypes, search for the facts that dispel those stereotypes. Think of arguments that disprove the stereotypes you're writing about, and search for supporting facts or evidence in the databases.

Subject Terms

Database Subject Terms allow you to easily search the database by topic.

These links will show you all of the articles under the "Stereotypes" subject term in the following databases:

Many subject terms also have sub-topics. Sub-topics will help you narrow your search. Search these subject terms list in these database to find out what sub-topics are available under the "Stereotypes" subject term.

  1. Click on "Subjects" or "Subject Terms" at the top of the screen in the blue menu bar.
  2. Search for your term and click on it. The next page will show you the sub-topics.
  3. Check the boxes for the sub-topics you want to search.
  4. Click the gray "Add" button. This will add the sub-topic to the search bar with the code "DE"
  5. Then click the green "Search" button to start your search.

Academic Encyclopedias

These encyclopedia resources have short (1 to 5 pages) articles that are packed with great information.

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