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HIST 2010 - American History 1

Physical Items

Due to damage from Hurricane Laura, physical items are temporarily unavailable.

Finding Primary Sources

You will need to choose primary sources that are relevant to people and events that are within the time frame and place of this course.

  • Place: North America
  • Time: until 1877

Search the library catalog with the following phrases:

  • primary sources
  • autobiography
  • diary
  • letters
  • "a brief history with documents"

The Library of Congress has many primary sources available online.

  • Change the dropdown menu to "Books/Printed Material."
  • Use search terms such as "autobiography," "diary," or "journal."
  • Use the Date and Location tools to limit your search results to the century and country or state of your choice.

Project Gutenberg has thousands of eBooks online that are all available for free.

  • Use search terms such as "autobiography," "diary," or "journal."
  • You will need to use other resources to verify that these primary sources fit the time period and place relevant to this course.