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World Civilization II - HIST 1220

Primary Source at SOWELA Library

Finding Primary Sources

You will need to choose primary sources that are relevant to people and events that are within the time frame and place of this course.

  • Place: (not in the United States)
  • Time: 1500 - 2001

Search the library catalog with the following phrases:

  • primary sources
  • autobiography
  • diary
  • letters
  • "a brief history with documents"

The Open Library has many primary sources available online from different countries around the world

  • You will need to sign up for an account with a valid email address.
  • Some of the books are available to download and keep while others can be borrowed but must be returned.
  • Search the Subjects with terms such as “autobiography” or “biographies & autobiographies”
  • Perform an Advanced search and add a country name in the Place in addition to these Subject terms
  • Change the search bar to search by title and search for the word “letters”
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