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English Composition I - ENGL 1010 - Dr. Whelan

Critical Essay - Myths and Tales

ASSIGNMENT: Select a myth or tale from the list provided (or find one not on the list—must be approved by your professor). Interpret the meaning or moral of the myth or tale, and then discuss its relevance (or lack of relevance) today. 


Page Length:                            4 pages—no more, no less

Essay:                                      Essay must be typed, double-spaced, using the correct font and font size, and must be uploaded to Turn-It-In.

Sources:                                   You MUST find and use sources for this essay—make sure you parenthetically cite them properly. You must include at least one source obtained from the library databases. NOTE: Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source and will not be credited as such.


Click below to download a Word document of your full Critical Essay - Myths and Tales assignment

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