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Useful Android and iPhone Apps for Students

Useful Android and iPhone Apps for Students

Useful Android and iPhone Apps

Check for these Apps in your app store.


Alternative to Google Drive. It allows you to load files from your mobile device to your  computer or vice versa. You must create a free account. It can open Microsoft Word  documents directly.


Allows you to take notes using your finger, a stylus, or the device’s keypad. Can insert  pictures or function as a recorder with saved sound files. 

Google Drive

Allows you to seamlessly load files from your mobile device to your computer or vice versa. The app can be used instead of a thumb drive. It also works as a functional scanner,  allowing you to scan documents into your Google Drive as a PDF (combined with a fax  service like GotFreeFax, you can also fax a document). You should already have an  account if you use an Android device.  

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word for mobile devices is free to download. The app allows you to create or  edit Word documents. You can write or edit features such as font, font size, and paragraph spacing. Work done on the mobile device can easily be transferred to a computer via Google Drive to continue working. There are also separate apps for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Polaris Office

Allows you to create, edit, or load Microsoft Office documents. Using Dropbox or Google Drive, you can easily transfer PowerPoint documents between mobile device and computer.

Quizlet (Learn language and vocabulary with flashcards)

Create your own flashcards and study sets or choose from millions created by other  students. You can also convert the flashcards into test format. Useful for learning  vocabulary or even studying for standardized tests using sets other students have created.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

An ad free scientific calculator for your phone. The only base functionality it is missing  are fractions which can be purchased in the pro version. On the iPhone, turn your calculator horizontally and the scientific keyboard appears.  


Keeps note of classes, times, and room locations. Insert your classes for the semester and they’re added to a list that you can quickly choose from when inputting an upcoming  assignment or exam. Can set phone alerts to remind you of upcoming due dates.

Twilight/Night Shift

Twilight layers a red tint over your phone screen at night so that reading on your phone does not keep you awake. Blue light before bed has been shown to distort your natural  circadian rhythm and cause an inability to fall asleep. Night Shift functions similarly to  Twilight except it functions on iPhones. To turn on Night Shift, open the control panel on your iPhone, then hold down on the Brightness slider. This will bring up a screen from which you can activate Night Shift. To activate scheduling and color for Night Shift, go to Settings —> Display and Brightness —> Night Shift. 


Waze provides turn-by-turn navigation information like Google Maps does and gives  user-submitted travel times and route details. Waze can alert you of traffic jams, cars parked on the side of the road, accidents, and upcoming police. As a bonus, you can also see and communicate with other Wazers.

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