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History of Louisiana - HIST 2100

Physical Items

Due to damage from Hurricane Laura, physical items are temporarily unavailable.


The textbook for this course is available online (as an eBook) for free through the SOWELA Library.

You will need to log in with your L-number and Pin. Your Pin is the six digits of your birthday - MMDDYY. (If your birthday is February 28, 2001, then your pin would be 022801.)

What are Primary & Secondary Sources?

You will read primary and secondary source materials about historical events and people in each of your history courses.

Primary sources are first-hand evidence of an historically important person or event. They are produced by that person or as a result of that event. Examples of primary sources include

  • autobiographies,
  • letters,
  • diaries or journals,
  • photographs, and
  • social media posts.

Secondary sources are documents used to analyze, interpret, or study an historically important person or event. Examples of secondary sources include

  • peer reviewed articles,
  • scholarly books,
  • government reports, and
  • documentary films.

Watch the video below to gain a better understanding of primary and secondary sources.

Primary Sources