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Criminal Justice

Physical Items

Due to damage from Hurricane Laura, physical items are temporarily unavailable.


Use this guide to find library resources for your criminal justice courses.

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Criminal Justice books are located in the HV and KF sections of the shelves.

HV 6001-7220: Criminology including criminal anthropology & psychology, crimes & criminal classes, victims, crimes & offenses

HV 7231-9960: Criminal justice administration including crime prevention, gun control

HV 7551-8280: Police, detectives, constabulary including administration, policy duty and methods, investigation of crimes, traffic control, examination & identification of prisoners

HV 8301-9920: Penology, prisons, corrections including juvenile delinquency, reform schools, reformation and reclamation of adult prisoners, penology by region or country

KF: Law of the United States


Save money by using the criminal justice textbooks available in the library. The library does not have textbooks for every criminal justice course. Look below to see if your course has a textbook available in the library.

Most textbooks are only available as "reserves." Reserves can only be read in the library and can not be taken home.