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Nursing Concepts II - NURS 2300


The CINAHL database has special search tools that allow you to find EBP. Remember that you will need to

  1. Determine what type of question you are asking
  2. Determine which type of evidence you need based on your question type
  3. Create a PICO question for your topic

Follow the directions below to find EBP research in the CINAHL database.

Finding EBP in CINAHL

undefinedAdvanced Search

From the CINAHL database homepage, select "Advanced Search."

Add Your PICO Question

Use the boxes on the right side of the screen to select sex and age of the patient you are studying.






Then enter the remaining information from your PICO question in the search boxes. Remember, you might not have a comparison.




undefinedQuestion & Evidence Type

The "Publication Type" box allows you to select from systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and case studies.



Select the Randomized Control Trials box for this type of evidence.



If you need a cohort study, you will need to type "cohort study" into the search bar.


undefinedThe "Clinical Queries" box allows you to search for research by question type. You can limit your search to:

  • therapy,
  • prognosis,
  • review,
  • qualitative, or
  • causation (etiology).

undefinedSearch for any Evidence-Based Practice Research

Selecting the "Evidence-Based Practice" box will return all EBP results but will not filter by study or question type.

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