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College Research

Learn the methods and tools for conducting college level research.

Fact-Checking Websites

Search for stories on these fact-checking websites to determine if what you see on the internet is actually true.

Fake News

This video provides tips on how to spot fake news.

Go Upstream

Often times news reports - both fake and real - will cite studies or the reports of other news organizations. Going Upstream means finding and (at least) scanning the original report or study.

You should be skeptical of what you read if a website

  • does not link to the study or report it cites,
  • links to another unreliable website, or
  • misrepresents what the original study or report actually said.

Lateral Reading

Reading laterally means finding other sources to check whether the information you saw online is reliable. Reading laterally includes

  • Confirming the information in other reliable sources such as major newspapers - Check more than one!
  • Checking the reputation and motivations of a website, organization, or author on Wikipedia - Yes, Wikipedia!

How to Spot Manipulated Video

Other Resources